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Another way to see the evolution of our children and of our members to Zebra 3 Frontières (Z3F):
Today, there is not a day where no one speaks of the plight and problems entailed heavy management and organization of schooling of our children. Probably correctly, we are not easy!
2.5 to 3% of HP in a class, often impossible to detect ..., depression of our HP ... .hyperactivité, boredom, aggression, introverted or extroverted, etc.
HP Complex, or HP laminar! There is the question…?

How to ensure that the Academy understands our children, how to ensure that our children have special monitoring. He is known often results in school failure.
The Academy does its best. We talk about "Children with special needs" children who are bored, but not enough mature, hyper active children, children in advance on some points but behind on others ... the list is long.
In any case, the diversity of children, HP or non-HP, is so important that teaching can not always adapt a class according the existing diversity in the same class. Good students, struggling students, pupils HP and / or accumulating more complicated profiles, dys ... or more!

Why routinely throw stones to the teacher!
Academy, which is in the position where he has to manage a range of small heads so different, more difficult teens each other, already without this characteristic of high potential, or on giftedness, intellectual precocity. ..
HP are not the only ones who need help.
The Gaussian curve particularly eloquent (see diagram below) highlights the different existing profiles.
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Courbe normale de distribution de l'intelligence création originale des "Tribulations d'un petit zèbre"

Today Z3F decided to see things from another angle. I do not want to ask me why Zebras are not in line with the school (for example).
"We need to ensure they are".
Concretely this means of workshops, accompaniments, professional help, (ergo, information, psy, sport ...) Many professional contact me regularly to offer help.
The school is a microcosm of our society. We adapt families and children in society. Do not wait, do not rely on a change in society. Let's use the company as it is. Place our children there!
I am convinced that the place that awaits them is one of the best. Let's use our capabilities to easily adapt to the system, not seek to adapt the system to our children, which is meaningless. And do not facilitate their entry into this macrocosm.
Today, more than ever, Zebra 3 Frontières, should provide the means to offer each dependent child of the association, the opportunity to meet, to be surrounded, professionals, to help them fill gaps and use their strengths and assets wisely.
Our Zebras have overcapacity use there, working together within Z3F. Do not forget that they have this superior understanding of faculty. Then use there !!
Do not expect the system adapts to us. Zebras help us to take advantage of their capabilities. We need to help them organize their adaptation and understanding without necessarily waiting for the help of the academy system, which is benevolent, even if it does not always have the means.
Do not expect the train stop. We have largely capacity to take on.

Elise HILL